Aftercare is available from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm. 

We offer two flat rates:

  1. up to 5 hours per week for $25.00

  2. more than 5 hours per week for $35.00

Our aftercare cell number to contact the teacher is:  813-486-1376.

Please call the aftercare teacher if you are running late, or if someone else will be picking up your child.

Students not picked up by 6:30 pm will have their account charged $3.50 per each 10 minute increment you are late.  Aftercare fees are due each Monday for the previous week.  A $10.00 Late Fee per child will be added to your account each week if not paid on time. And if not paid on time, your child cannot use the Aftercare Program the upcoming week unless arrangements have been made with the Vice Principal/Financial Manager Tammie Miskiel.  

Aftercare is only available on full days of school.  Aftercare will not be available on early dismissal days.  Aftercare is not available during holidays or student days off. Please click below to print an aftercare registration form.